War Planet Online: Real Time Strategy MMO Game 3.2.1 apk for Android

A new online multiplayer war game called War Planet Online is now available for anyone who would like to play this type of game. If you’ve always wanted to try this type of game, then you’re in for a treat. You’ll find a game that is fast paced, has good graphics and some great sounds. If you enjoy the multiplayer game experience, then you will absolutely love War Planet Online!

In War Planet, you’re playing as a leader of an army of brave soldiers. When the whole world has been in conflict, brave leaders rise to the challenge and bring the big guns to the front line. Take command of thousands of other RTS gamers all around the world, and the next target of yours can be the next enemy of the planet! You can be one of the leaders who bring peace to this world with your army.

So, what is War Planet? Well, it’s a multiplayer war game. It’s like World of Warcraft and Call of Duty, but it’s about your army of brave soldiers. You are given orders to attack and defend each base that you are to go into. You will be able to level up and buy new weapons as you go through the game. The combat takes place on a 3D world map. You will need to build your own base and then protect it from the enemies that come through your door.

You will have a variety of weapons, and each one has different features. For example, some weapons are able to be charged up. If they are charged up, then you’ll have to use more of them in order to use them more quickly. When you are using a certain weapon, your other weapons will recharge faster. Once you start getting the hang of charging your weapons, then you’ll know exactly how much you have to use them before they recharge, and you’ll never be caught off guard!

The combat in this game is also quite intense. The player’s life will be taken each time they are defeated. This is what causes the adrenaline rush that people get when they play these types of games. You will find that there are a number of different stages in the game, and each of them will be challenging. different levels as well.

The game also provides players with the ability to communicate with other players in the chat. There are no other people except you and your fellow soldiers. when playing War Planet. Players can find other friends as well, and even send them messages as you play the game. If you get disconnected, you can quickly reconnect.

War Planet Online: Real Time Strategy MMO Game

Package Name :War Planet Online: Real Time Strategy MMO Game
Developer :Gameloft SE
Version :3.2.1
Latest Updated :August 24, 2020
Installs :5,000,000+
Category :Strategy
Requirement :4.1 and up
Playstore Link :Google Play
File Size :37M
– New Daily Missions and the introduction of the BATTLE PASS
– Equipment-change icon in the map view
– 60 new Faction Research max levels
– A unique new offensive add-on for Yegor Volsky
– Havana and São Paulo now have a unique look with a secondary bonus
[SEASONAL CONTENT] – Special celebrations for our 3rd Anniversary
– Battle against the Thorium Cult
– 4 new crafting items
[QUALITY OF LIFE] – New units’ visuals in the Garage
– 2-second emoji cooldown

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