Gods of Boom – Online PvP Action 19.0.157 apk for Android

Gods of Boom Review

Gods of Boom is an online PvP action game for smart phones. It was originally called “Guns of Boom”, which is an obvious reference to the famous war game. It was created by Game insight, released in June, 2020, for iPhone and Android. I say original because while it is a fun, fast paced game, it has one major flaw: it’s free. Here’s a look at what this game is all about:

The premise of Gods of Boom is quite simple. You and your fellow players are on opposite teams, and you have to destroy the enemy before they destroy yours. When you start playing, you have to select your character, and that’s it. You don’t have to worry about anything else, because you will have all of the basics covered when it comes to choosing a good character.

When you start playing, you can choose from many different characters in the Gods of Boom game. Some characters are melee, some are ranged, and some are tanks. There are several types of abilities, each with specific benefits and drawbacks. Each team has a designated god, or a class of god, that is assigned to a specific role. For example, you might play a melee DPS character like Drex, and then you’ll take on the tanky character of Dora. That’s how the classes of characters work in Gods of Boom. I really liked the concept that each character had a unique skill set, and was not just another “one size fits all” character.

I also liked that there were several different classes of character. While they all have similar roles, they have their own distinct styles, too. A DPS, melee DPS, ranged DPS, and tank are three types of characters that are available in Gods of Boom. When playing on a single team, you might want to play a DPS character, but if you are playing against other players on a private server, you might prefer to play a melee DPS character. In the game, you can swap between all three styles, which helps you make the right move based on the situation.

The graphics in the game are also a great part of the game. I love the character animations, because they are very unique and fun. Not only are they animated but they are also made to look like they are actually moving, which really brings the feeling of realism to the character. There’s a lot of detail and attention to detail put into making the animation work, and it really makes the characters feel alive. Even the little details that make up the character are well rendered, so that the whole world feels like it really exists.

Overall, Gods of Boom is a very fast-paced and fun game, especially if you enjoy action games. The combat is exciting and fast paced, and requires plenty of thinking ahead. The game has a few bugs and glitches, but as someone who has played this game before, I really didn’t find them to be too much of a problem.

Gods of Boom - Online PvP Action

Package Name :Gods of Boom – Online PvP Action
Developer :Game Insight
Version :19.0.157
Latest Updated :September 16, 2020
Installs :50,000,000+
Category :Action
Requirement :5.0 and up
Playstore Link :Google Play
File Size :1.1G

Update 19.0 – Season 15 and Battle Fair

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Battle Cases are a thing of the past—now, you can spend your Battle Coins at special fairs where you choose the gear to spin for.

We’ve added new sounds for knives.

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